Should We Build A Replica Stonehenge?

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Should we build a replica Stonehenge? I put this proposal because we are not allowed to enter the circle nowadays, except for short manic periods at the solstice. That is an unfair restriction. Church of England adherents are not banned from Salisbury Cathedral because it is an historic site. I have no religious belief and even if I am not a pagan, I find it fascinating to be amongst the stones. I am not alone!

Puy de Fou

Yes, that is in France and a site of the first historical theme park in Europe. They will open another in Toledo this summer. The reviews suggest that it is better than Disney (is that a compliment?) They stage re-enactments of historical events using 700 actors, dancers and riders. It also includes hundreds of animals which might need close scrutiny. That said, they do stage a ‘ghost birds’ display, including vultures. This sounds so sky burial.


We should build a replica circle of a complete Neolithic Stonehenge, with all the stones in place. Ideally, the approach would replicate how our pagan ancestors would have ritually accessed Stonehenge. This would have been a boat journey on the River Avon and then a walk up an avenue formed by white chalk embankments. The Neolithic fire that lit the stones at night would be replaced by lighting. With a resident shaman or shamaness, weddings and funerals would be sensational.

Pagan B & B

Puy de Fou includes hotel accommodation so thatched huts could be provided. The model for this exists at the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. As part of their educational experience, children’s sleepovers are already available. We can also feed people paleo food, providing we have sufficient toilets. Roast reed followed by yellow gorse flower ice cream, anyone!

Should we build a replica Stonehenge?

The Disney experience is oh so dated. People want more realism these days. The spiritual and educational depth of a replica Stonehenge would be profound. It could cycle between pagan themes, environmental and mindfulness. It would be a uniquely British experience, far more authentic than those Indian fakirs promoted by the Beatles.

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