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The NHS has fallen apart and it is a sad indictment. It’s not the staff but the sheer bulk of the monster, too big and too cumbersome. I can see how my own health situation flags up all the problems. I have a blood problem called CLL, Chronic Lymphcytic Leukaemia. Being lucky, or fit, I don’t need to worry about it. The only constant issue is skin problems, mostly lesions that could lead to skin cancer. However, I may well have had this skin problem due to my age. After all, we all wear out over time. The problem is that when a new health issue occurs, the medics dealing with it do not consider my CLL. The reason is that it is just too complex, being a specialist in one part of the body is more than enough. That is why AI is the future.


In the light of constant shrinkage all over my body, my prostate goes in the opposite direction. Consequently, I am put on a drug called Finasteride to reduce the prostate size. This was advised by a urologist who never asked me a thing about my CLL. However, this drug reduces my testosterone, the hormone that tends to grow the prostate. In other words, it changes my hormone levels. The leaflet on side effects warn me that I may become aware of my pulse beating throughout my body. That has happened. But it also reminds me that this drug is having a massive influence on my body, which is already having to cope with CLL. I now realise that the drug will reduce my prostate, but nobody, virtually nobody, understands what it will do to ME!

AI is the future

Many experts, not clinicians, believe that the future is personalised care utilising artificial intelligence. This will rely on a series of tests on your body covering many of the medical specialisms. The computer will assess these and create a brief for you, a direction to any specialist that takes into account your medical history. It will do what no medical specialist can, that is assess you first and then relate its findings to the particular problem you have at the time. It will have access to each and every medication and its side effects. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see that this is the way forward. We must not fear AI but embrace it.

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