Dorset & Derbyshire Tribes: Past and Present

The River Avon, highway to Stonehenge in 2200BC and carrying the tribal genes which will spread over England, the Antipodes and North America.

The richest and oldest tribe ever now live in Christchurch, with that DNA, and ponder on their successful pagan forebears.  

With our ancestor Zuri, reflect on the changes in our lives over time. See this through plants as food and medicine, the introduction of farming, metals and new rituals, how all this changed the environment and continues to impact on our health and wellbeing.

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Welcome to the Stonehenge Pensioner Blog

Stabbing Incidents

I am not a political person. Some years ago, I became far more cynical than in the past. It is easy to question everything and support nothing, although I don’t think that applies to me. [...]

Herb Paris

Herb Paris qualifies as a very strange plant. The latin name of Paris quadrifolia highlights its rather strange leaf formation. I believe it to be very poisionous but I have not tested it. Google [...]

What Is A Shaman?

Ann and I share our bedtime reading; she reads a bit and then I take over. The book we are reading is Inside The Neolithic Mind. It is complex and difficult but our two brains work well together. [...]

What Is A Cosmos?

In a recent post on shamans, I illustrated how Ann and I were reading on this subject. It is both fascinating and complex. At its simplest level, my house is a cosmos. The underworld is in my [...]

David Mellor Design

Ann and I are trying to break the mould. It’s that one where you are aware of many interesting places in the vicinity but you don’t visit them. So, off we doddle to a U3A visit to a [...]

Pub to Pub Walks

Living in the Peak District has a lot of benefits. Firstly, as it is not so remote, there are lots of pubs in quiet and remote hamlets and villages. Secondly, there is an incredible number of [...]

Tulips and Springtime

Tulips and springtime, what a combination. Every morning I leap out of bed and find a window. Down below, my tulips flourish and my heart sings. All that work back in the Autumn, reading the [...]

Dump The Smartphone

The smartphone is poorly named. It is really an infuriating engagement device for corporate profiteers. I don’t have one but I have to accept that Ann does. Do I use it? Of course I do. [...]

AI Is The Future

The NHS has fallen apart and it is a sad indictment. It’s not the staff but the sheer bulk of the monster, too big and too cumbersome. I can see how my own health situation flags up all the [...]

Buxton Opera House

It had not been a good week. I had had my second shingles vaccination and carried a swollen arm and pains all over my body. However, I awoke on Saturday morning in a state of ecstasy, full of the [...]

Revising A Will

Revising my will, and Ann’s, is necessary. As time passes, named people die and we change homes. As we have no immediate family, there is no single person able to drop everything and sort [...]

Running From Bradwell

As winter ends, so the desire to run further builds. I always think of Wordsworth in March. His poem, The First Mild Day of March is one I memorised many years ago. I use it to lull me to sleep [...]

The Spring Garden

It’s now light when I leap out of bed every morning. The first thing I do, before preparing breakfast, is too look out at the garden. I talk to it, ever keen to see more growth and flowers. [...]

What Is A Peasant?

I miss the peasants. Don’t define the word as demeaning a person. A peasant is somebody who was tied to the land, often too little land. They had no chance of ever improving their [...]

Skin Lesions

Skin lesions are the bane of my life. Firstly, I need to moisturise them each night before bed. Secondly, a new lesion seems to pop up every morning. Okay, so I exaggerate a little! These lesions [...]

The Royal Prostate

When I think of the royal we(e), urinary retention comes to mind. That little gland is a damn nuisance, not just to Charles but to me. I have had trouble for years and only recently spoke to a [...]

Worms to Our Rescue

I love worms! A hate killing (earth)worms when I am gardening. I even stop on runs or walks to pick one off the path and put it on the verge. If this seems an odd subject then bear in mind that [...]

Overcoming Loss

It was Christmas Day and my mind was full of dead people. I woke up thinking of the lost. Those people I might have telephoned or sent a letter wishing them well at the end of another year. [...]

Power Of Words

I love language and words. Reading an item about author Daisy Goodwin, she said her daughter told her, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” That related to her rather ample bosom, [...]

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