Dorset & Derbyshire Tribes: Past and Present

The River Avon, highway to Stonehenge in 2200BC and carrying the tribal genes which will spread over England, the Antipodes and North America.

The richest and oldest tribe ever now live in Christchurch, with that DNA, and ponder on their successful pagan forebears.  

With our ancestor Zuri, reflect on the changes in our lives over time. See this through plants as food and medicine, the introduction of farming, metals and new rituals, how all this changed the environment and continues to impact on our health and wellbeing.

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Welcome to the Stonehenge Pensioner Blog

Running Up Snowdon

We planned a four day visit to Llanberis, a stomping ground of mine in the sixties. The second day looked the best so we planned a run, but what to do? We fancied Snowdon but the climb of over [...]

Trer Ceiri Hillfort

I love hillforts! On my recent trip to North Wales, this fort was on my agenda. It is no easy trip. You drive to Llithfaen on the Llyn Penisula, turn west in the village and climb to a free car [...]

Growing Flowers

My neighbour walked by with his little daughter. She wanted to be lifted to look over the wall at my flowers. He told me she is suddenly infatuated with flowers. I picked a flower stem off a [...]

Parkrun Pensioner

Well, off we toddled to another parkrun. It’s not a race of course, so no pressure. Why then do I feel anxious? That is because I am really assessing my state as I pass another age [...]

Siney Sitch

Ann and I run everywhere, well almost. We do paths because they are there. Over time we do paths to link up routes we have already done. In time, we create a spiders web of known paths over [...]

Chest feeding

I was reading a piece by a journalist and she mentioned breast feeding (chest feeding) and I realised that the world had finally gone mad. I don’t like being polarised and coming across as [...]

Human Addictions

I always saw myself as free of addictions, in control as it were. However, I realise that I am no better than anybody else. Human addictions are a motivation, of course, as it’s a reason to [...]

What Is Fitness?

It appears a simple question, what is fitness? In a world where everybody lauds technology and spending big sums of money, let’s consider the cheaper approach. Ann and I have just completed [...]

Vegetable Growing

As the season advances I wanted to report on vegetable growing this year. Those of you who know these things realise that every season is different, that there is no consistency. The spinach beet [...]

Lord’s Seat

There is not a lot that intimidates the mature me. However, as I grow old my mind constantly challenges my body. I accept that I must be less physically capable each and every day with 77 years [...]

Christmas Potatoes

Spontaneous purchases are not part of my character. I don’t buy clothes unless Ann reminds me my shorts are full of holes or my shirts ripe. However, when in nurseries, I find a lot of joy [...]

Brown Knoll

Brown Knoll in the Peak District used to make tough men tremble. I walked it a few times in the 1960’s and it was the peat bog from hell. If you were walking around Edale then it was the [...]

Flowers For Bees

Flowers for bees can be quite challenging. There are those who prefer wildflowers and many who fall back on cliched buddlia and lavender. They are good but often only for short periods. The ideal [...]

Herbs And Health

I am feeling very well these days, and sleeping deeply. This struck me when I read about a woman going to a health retreat in Spain. She wrote about the numerous medications she took to try and [...]

Romans In Bradwell

I am studying the Romans, page after page, about 1500 so far and that is all in print. It is fascinating and I must avoid cliches. Yes, they had slaves and were cruel beyond belief but that was [...]

The Digital World

Is it me or has the world gone nuts? Staying relaxed in this world is ever more difficult. Perhaps it is only when I am washing-up that I am really in charge, fully cognisant with the job in [...]

People With A Cervix

I love women. Have I ever said that before? There are reasons for this. Firstly, my mother stuck it out and cared for us after my father ran off with the boss’s secretary. That man [...]

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