Dorset & Derbyshire Tribes: Past and Present

The River Avon, highway to Stonehenge in 2200BC and carrying the tribal genes which will spread over England, the Antipodes and North America.

The richest and oldest tribe ever now live in Christchurch, with that DNA, and ponder on their successful pagan forebears.  

With our ancestor Zuri, reflect on the changes in our lives over time. See this through plants as food and medicine, the introduction of farming, metals and new rituals, how all this changed the environment and continues to impact on our health and wellbeing.

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The Nasty Virus

Ann and I just want to be together, even in illness. Tuesday lunchtime and the decline begins; by evening we are unstable on our legs, headache, body aches and then the cough. I tested but no [...]

The Mountain Ash

Is it possible to exaggerate the value of a tree. Yes, I know that they tie up carbon and benefit the environment by their sheer presence. However, other benefits might be more difficult to [...]

Trees For Screening

I love trees. Sitting here, I look out at a small forest stretching up the hillside. The leaves gently wave in the winds. However, much of my current labour is about planting trees in the garden. [...]

Navio Roman Fort

I heard a very sad story the other day. Firstly, a young, enthusiastic teacher returned to school after the holidays. Secondly, she anticipated that the young children would be full of stories [...]

Bradwell, Our New Home

Ann and I have been offline for two months. Then, Open Reach put in a sudden and unexpected appearance and here we are, back in communication. At times over the past few months we had no [...]

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