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Skin lesions are the bane of my life. Firstly, I need to moisturise them each night before bed. Secondly, a new lesion seems to pop up every morning. Okay, so I exaggerate a little! These lesions are more of a problem when your immune system is poor. That is my state because I have CLL, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. That said, lots of older people fit this perspective. The advice is to have a six monthly skin check by a dermatologist. Who is kidding who? Even getting to see a dermatologist once is really difficult on the NHS. I know an annual check is considered acceptable but it simply does not happen. I have been waiting over 14 weeks for an eyelid cyst I developed to be seen. The GP, aware of this, said” its not good, is it?” Skin lesions are, I am afraid, well down the list.

Going private

I hate to say this but Ann and I have gone private. We can, unlike many, afford to pay. I don’t want any more doctors looking at a red patch or bleeding spot, and stating “I am not too troubled by this.” It is also pointless them attempting to refer me to the distant hospital because I will just join another waiting list. Now don’t get me wrong. I know that skin lesions are minor and rarely cancer. One GP down south even said to me, “this is a fairly minor thing you know.” I do know that and I can count at least 14 lesions on my body at the current time. Only when they change or turn ugly do I do something.

Skin lesions

Once, the GP would prescribe various creams, like Picato. If not a cream, they would whack the  lesion with cryo, the freeze gun. If nothing else, both treatments banished the lesion for 12 months. Now, that does not happen. In fact, Picato appears to have been discontinued because it, apparently, causes skin cancer! Whatever, it seems the lesion is a minor issue and yet I have to be referred to a consultant for a review. None of it makes sense. A nurse, having gone through a training course, could readily treat me and free up the consultant’s time for more serious matters. However, with all these waiting lists, surely it is time to treat skin lesions in a more effective way.

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