Sarcopenia Is The Real Killer Of The Aged

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Sarcopenia is the real killer of the aged; muscle wastage. It starts much earlier than you think. Most people are forced to exercise, like walking, because they have to work. As soon as they retire, rest seems so appealing, putting their feet up. Very few people realise that the side benefit of work is that it uses and strengthens their muscles. In truth, work kept them alive and now, given the freedom of a pension, they will choose a slow and lingering death. Rest is the enemy of muscles.

Recognising sarcopenia

The problem is that we can’t! It creeps up, day by day. Okay, had you previously measured your muscles then you might note shrinkage. Nobody does that. Even then, the muscles might not show shrinkage but may still lose their strength. Most of us have no way to measure muscle strength. The muscles, like so much else, are taken for granted.

Weight Training

The experts state that we can recover simply by training with weights. I am no fan of weight training. It’s narcissistic and not a little reliant upon drugs. Yet, all the research shows that lifting lower weights more often is better than big weights less often. So, a shopping bag, a vacuum and a watering can represent small weights; fetching groceries, cleaning and watering the garden are all weight training exercises. If we look at muscle exercise this way then we can avoid joining the gym. But, we then need to clean or garden at least five times a week.

Sarcopenia is the real killer of the aged

I could make a case that Zuri, in 2200 BC, experienced none of these issues. She was lithe and very fit, but the experts say her people died young and well before our concept of retirement could arise. That is, I imagine, due to a variety of other health issues. The main one will be a lack of understanding about toileting and cleanliness. Somehow, I don’t visualise her walking slowly, falling over or looking overweight. Those are maladies reserved for our aged, with our misplaced view on retirement; that rest is somehow good for us.

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