Apples And Marrow In Bradwell

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Apples and marrow in Bradwell might seem an esoteric subject but stay with me. It arose because in recent weeks, with Ann and I walking around the village most days, we have picked up this free produce. The apples are mostly cookers, left in a box outside people’s property. Most are pretty large, often damaged and also showing signs of apple pests. However, that suggests that no chemical sprays have been applied and the apples are organic. Imagine that, free organic apples. In looking up apple as a food I realised that it is full of nutrition. Indeed, so much so that research into using apple as a treatment for heart disease is under consideration.


It was later when somebody put out marrows, a curcurbit. Ever resourceful, Ann layered marrow slices with beef ragout and topped with a cheese sauce. That created a number of very low cost meals. It struck me that I should look up marrow as food, not least because it is sometimes vilified as a vegetable. I was then shocked to find that it is a superfood. The list of nutrients is massive but it also reduces cholesterol and diabetes and protects the liver and kidneys. We already grow and eat a lot of courgettes, another curcubit, but that is less nutritious than marrow. However, these curcurbits have to come with a health warning; a toilet should always be within easy reach.

Apples and Marrow

Yes, it’s a feature of my posts, the importance of avoiding constipation. It seems that marrow, and to a lesser extent, apple, keep us regular. It appears that marrow, in particular, includes lots of soluble and insoluble fibre. That lubricates the bowel and I can assure readers that this means regularity with a capital R. The call will come swiftly! That, I can assure you, will do your body more good than anything else that day. Consequently, the kindly people of Bradwell leaving out apples and marrow are fostering regularity and good health. Thank you, wonderful people.

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