The Woke Liberals Have had Their Day

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I periodically sprinkle the word woke into my posts. That makes me, a pensioner, appear in touch with the modern world even if I have no idea what it really means. Well, that might have to stop because woke has been replaced by the dirtbag left. No, I have no idea what that means either. I suspect that it has something to do with Trump. Most things do. But, I doubt that he is aware that the woke liberals have had their day either.

Dirtbag left

This group of protesters arose in the U.S. They were the ones who shouted, “lock her up” at Hilary Clinton. Likewise, they called Joe Biden’s supporters, “gelatinous 100-year-olds”. I have that to look forward to, a pensioner with the consistency of jelly. The dirtbag left is the new face of left-wing politics. This appears to have started with a political podcast called Trapo Trap House in the US. However, there are many similar podcasts. Their argument is that the majority of people are not woke. If that is correct, then being PC, politically correct, appeals to so few people that they can be discounted. Consequently, it appears that the Labour Party lost the election because they believed their own claptrap (see, I’m a dirtbag!) They thought that millennials were woke but they are not.

Bring back the adjectives

At last, I can bring back the adjectives. I can now call you an old fogy, an OAP, or suggest that you are a clapped out or a knackered pensioner. That too many of we old fogies are too easily offended by the language other people use. We are no longer a retired person or a senior citizen. We can choose to be coffin dodgers and we can count ourselves amongst the millennials. Jo Swinson and her non binary gender identities and Labour expelling “transphobes” was their attempt at being woke. They made a mistake and suffered the consequences.

The woke liberals have had their day

As a pensioner, I have seen life. Consequently, I can say with confidence that everything is grey; very little is black or white. Being woke and the dirtbag left are just labels, as if everything can readily be categorized. However, life is not like that. The Empire was not all bad, it did much good. Rich people do help the poor. Politicians are good, and bad. We pensioners might be black, or white, or red, but we are all grey when it comes down to it.

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