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I have been retired now for 17 years. If I am honest, I never expected to live a long time. However, still being alive means I must know something of value, or am I just lucky? My leukaemia still cowers in my veins but causes me few health issues. My running is going well and I feel good. However, I have a soft spot for health advice and click on the bait all too readily. Michael Mosley is a good source, currently on radio 4. A recent feature was the danger of sitting on your backside for more than 9 hours each day, which is positively bad for your health. I considered a typical day for Ann and I and even with all our exercise, it was close. I thought often about keeping fit as I was preparing for retirement, however, I am now well into it and ticking along nicely.

Retirement advice

Ann and I have just finished reading The Retirement Cafe Handbook by Justin King. That highlights so many aspects of retiring and perhaps it all comes down to staying fit. If you are not fit and well, you cannot enjoy life. However, keeping off your backside is not easy. I need to run or walk daily and do some gardening. Otherwise, if you add up your sitting at mealtimes plus the evening television slot, the total can be a surprise. Also, you need to be able to afford the sort of retirement you desire. The stress of being short of money is bad for your health.

Preparing for retirement

A Recent Dutch study about people recovering from mental health issues was interesting. They split the patients into two groups, one taking medication and the other doing exercise. Interestingly, the group on medication all stayed the course whilst half the group doing exercise dropped out. However, both groups showed about the same rate of success as regards recovery from their mental issues. That success hid on ominous fact. The group on medication showed an increase in ill health, such as weight gain and higher blood pressure. The group doing exercise went in the opposite direction. They all reduced weight, reduced BP and reduced their heart rate. The message is clear, retirement demands exercise and, where possible, that we stay away from medicines where we can.

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