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Bradwell in the Peak District is now home to Ann and I. This is why I have not posted for a while and will struggle in the near future. No, I am not experiencing personal anxiety. Open Reach is like a dinosaur and, it appears, we will not be on the internet until mid June. As with Eon, the supplier of gas and electricity, actually speaking to a live human being has proved a forlorn hope. We did plan for this but it still fell apart. When we rented in Taddington we went with BT. We told them we were renting and would soon buy. They promised us a seemless transfer of landline, internet and tv package. However, they just cancelled us. They told us they were unable to jolly along Open Reach as it appears they don’t talk to each other. How stupid is that?

The hills are alive

Looking out of our new stone house, we see Bradwell Edge. Over 20 para gliders often pepper the sky. A pair of buzzards hang out alongside, riding the same wind. Swifts sweep between them, the same swifts we watched at the pub. Sitting outside, pint in hand, the swifts swooped around, taking delight in flight. Walking home, bats flitted above us. A cuckoo called whilst I was in the garden, along with chiff-chaffs. This place is a joy.

Climb every mountain

Okay, I accept that all we have is hills. Don’t let that fool you. Whether you climb East, South or West, it is steep. Typically, you will climb close to 500 feet before the land levels out. Only if you go South does the ground fall away and beside Bradwell Brook. However, wild flowers line the road or path, curlews call and quietness rules. No ice creams yet, but give us time.

Bradwell in the Peak District

My ailment has reappeared, gardening. Before you could say ‘don’t buy too much’, we had almost 100 cottage garden plants on order, plus 7 trees. Don’t forget the 25 gladioli from Aldi. I have been slogging away digging a new border using spade and pick. I aim to prepare one square meter per day and I need at least 20 square meters for the plants. However, Ann needs herbs plus a bay and then I saw some runner bean plants. Don’t be sorry for me, I sleep like a baby, and ache like hell!

PS – a picture to remind you of the winter; Ann in her duvet trying to stay vertical

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