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A Guide to Natural Burial

The disposal of the dead has become an increasingly contentious issue in modern times, called into question by global warming policy, limited burial space, ever-increasing funeral costs and the lack of choice for the bereaved. Natural Burial has offered an alternative, realistic funeral option for those who are determined to continue their lifelong ‘green’ principles, even in death.

In this important new book, the author – the pioneer of the first natural burial site – explores the myriad social, economic and environmental issues surrounding the concept of natural burial and those of its alternatives, conventional burial and cremation. This book analyses and critiques the existing processes, and centres on the argument for the concept of natural burial in its truest terms. Thus, the author defines ‘natural burial’, considers the various types of sites that are now operating in the UK and throughout the world, and provides guidance on opening a natural burial site, from how it can be designed to how funeral services are arranged and what happens on the day of the funeral.

Practical advice and guidance is given on such matters as embalming, green coffins, memorialisation, digging a grave, and creating habitats. In explaining the advantages of natural burial, the problems inherent in the disposal of the dead are defined. Of equal significance to the author in this important text is the education of the public as to how the principles of natural burial can be applied to the traditional options to create a death industry which is less damaging to the world and more financially and environmentally sustainable.

This book will make stimulating reading for those using, managing or intending to open a natural burial site, those involved in funeral services generally – particularly local authorities and funeral directors, consumer rights groups and the clergy – and those who desire a green funeral.


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A Guide to Natural Burial

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

Price: £75.00 post paid

ISBN: 978 0 4140 4490 6

(NB: This is a specialist book sold under the category ‘environmental health’ which reflects the high price.)

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