Revising A Will

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Revising my will, and Ann’s, is necessary. As time passes, named people die and we change homes. As we have no immediate family, there is no single person able to drop everything and sort out our estate. Worse, we moved to Bradwell, a relatively remote area. Now settled into a new home but somewhat older, we ponder about where we will end up? Currently, we are perfectly able to manage ourselves but that could change overnight. One of us must be able to drive. Driving in midwinter is often scary on our icy roads. Hospital visits, a 40 mile round trip, are already a routine and will clearly increase. The age situation slowly creeps up on you and you tend to keep putting it off. That’s why most people put off revising a will. That assumes, of course, that they even have one!

The aging pair

As an aging couple, we are still strong and resilient. However, having been unwell a few times in recent years, our confidence has dropped. When I puzzled over how do we cope if one of us is in a distant hospital for a period, the answer was logical but a surprise? You book a hotel near the hospital and stay there. Otherwise, if you cannot drive, you book a taxi. However, there are few taxi’s. Consequently, you become aware that you have to move somewhere more suitable, but where, and when? We have a nice town in mind where ample retirement homes exist, but their hospitals have a poor reputation. However, that retirement home, with staff capable of supporting the survivor between us, is an ever more appealing prospect.

Revising a will

No gardening to occupy me! No fell running outside the door! Those occupations empower me today and yet must stop, but when? Leave it too late and you put your partner into dire circumstances, on their own. Meanwhile, my grave, already purchased up in Carlisle, is ready and waiting. It too, is distant and reflects past situations. Do I need to change my funeral wishes? Don’t tell me to relax over this. We all die and we should all be prepared. That means ensuring that those left behind can manage and not struggle over their few remaining years. Other people matter!

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