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I am not a political person. Some years ago, I became far more cynical than in the past. It is easy to question everything and support nothing, although I don’t think that applies to me. However, I read a lot, much of that in The Times. Some incredibly genuine people write the articles and many of them have an immediate impact. Martin Griffiths is a trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital and operates every week on stabbing injuries. Reading about the pressures of his work brought tears to my eyes. He outlined the impossible life experienced by many boys. Consequently, they all came from disadvantaged communities, lacked money, often lacked food and were often excluded from school. That last action has troubled me for years. Exclusions and stabbing incidents go hand in hand.

What to do

To keep this in perspective, I had a difficult early life and I have been known to play the poverty card. However, I had, just, a stable home and sufficient food. I had some money only after I began work on a milk round at weekends. Whatever, I did not experience bullying at school or see anything like a knife used in anger. Consequently, nobody was excluded. As I approached my 15th birthday, I needed to get to horticultural work as soon as possible. What would have happened had I not have found work is difficult to say? Okay, that work was poorly paid and an essentially male workforce. Quite a lot of violence hid amongst those men but specifically not knife crime. Looking back, I realise that I was lucky and kept on the strait and narrow.

Stabbing incidents

I now realise that Westminster and politics have totally failed. The reason is quite simple. School exclusions should have been stopped. Furthermore, nobody should leave goal without a home to go to. Under the Tories this has got worse and worse. However, none of the parties have even remotely solved this. Putting a troubled person, often once an excluded kid, in goal at a cost of up to £80,000 per year is nuts. Releasing them, back into a drug fuelled, knife ridden life, often with no home, is inhumane. Meanwhile, all around them in London, neighbours spend millions on houses and eat at restaurants for 100’s of pounds. The them and us is frightening and it goes on, and on, and on.

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