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Is it me or has the world gone nuts? Staying relaxed in this world is ever more difficult. Perhaps it is only when I am washing-up that I am really in charge, fully cognisant with the job in hand. This depressive outlook started when Santander introduced a new current account. They stated that it was an easy online change. I have nightmares when those two words sit together; easy and online. Ann tried first and after all that work, up pops that line, ‘oops, something has gone wrong’. After a few tries she gave up. I said that I would have a go on my laptop. Sure enough, it all seemed to be going well, all the information is entered and I just have to click proceed. That I did and then it all fell apart – oops! So, I tried again and failed. The digital world is a nightmare.

The telephone

So, we telephoned and waited, and finally spoke to a young lady. Could we do the application again and she would watch over it? We got to the final proceed and, you guessed it, it worked. Up pops a page we have not seen before and it is all done – almost. Now, I have no doubt she pressed a button at some stage and made it work. It was their server or systems that blocked us. Why? A day later I had an email telling me that an important communication had arrived and I should log in. I did so and it was a Santander letter of welcome. That was nice, I thought. However, hanging beneath was the info I needed to know, 68 pages of tiny text. I clicked it as understood and accepted.

Utility Warehouse

I was not going to get off that lightly. Consider that I have been writing to Utility Warehouse for weeks, our energy provider. I want them to accept our PV panels and pay us for unused energy we put into the grid. Unlike most people, our panels were provided with the house so we have no receipt for their purchase. So, they decide that we must provide a solicitors letter to prove we own the house. I have already shown clear evidence that we do own the house, but they want this letter. Not being a financial dumbo, I respond that I am not paying at least £60.00 for a letter to gain about 8 pence per sunny day. You can’t speak to anybody nor get any understanding over these things.

The Digital world

Why is it like this? Is it because so many people are working from home. Does anybody really care? Indeed, are there any humans out there? The emails I have sent to Utility Warehouse must have cost them hours of work. Would I have spent nearly £6000 to buy a battery if I did not own the PV panels? Or is it that they don’t want people with panels and a battery who are clearly not going to use much of their expensive power? I think it is the latter.

PS: This is a photo our our battery in the downstairs cupboard. The lights show that it is fully charged. One in the eye for Utility Warehouse!

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