Chest feeding

 In pensioners

I was reading a piece by a journalist and she mentioned breast feeding (chest feeding) and I realised that the world had finally gone mad. I don’t like being polarised and coming across as aggressive. However, such a comment is traitorship. How could a woman deny the right of women to own their breasts? It beats me that anybody could accept that there is such a thing as chest feeding. How could anybody deny that we are mammals, and that female mammals feed their young. Do the male bonobos feed young? No, they are aggressive, dominant, noisy, big, hairy and spend most of their time seeking sex. Does that remind you of somebody?

Weak chest?

I speak with authority as owner of a chest, essentially a male chest. It is rather weedy and it depressed me as a youth. I bought one of those chest expanders that you grasp in each hand, and pull across the nipples to expand the lax muscles. It expanded, then sprang back and trapped the few hairs on my chest, painfully plucking them out. Muscle building was an abject failure and women still kicked sand in my face. It goes without saying that my nipples are tiny and totally useless. They are not milk glands. Worse, my chest is not an errogenous zone and is immune to stimulation. It was not designed to suckle a baby and the thought that it could chest feed is beyond comprehension. How can anyone believe otherwise? Certainly not me, in my pinny!

Chest feeding

The trans lobby has gone too far, into the realm of fantasy. Whether we like it or not, we are born male or female and we stay that way all our lives. I was born into a bony, lanky frame and I was never going to be Charles Atlas. His muscle bound body appeared impressive when I was a callow youth. However, I later realised that my light frame was perfect for running over hills. Now, as an old fogey, I also understand health and the importance of keeping pharmaceuticals out of my body, especially when you are young. Sex change medication is not understood and is probably a health threat later in life. Consequently, act as a woman if you must, but don’t do it by distorting what a woman really is. Women have had a poor deal in the past and do not need a denial of their sex and procreation abilities, all of which are denied we males.

PS – I searched the internet for a weedy male chest but they were all ripped. Not very inclusive!

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