Stonehenge Talk at Forest Arts

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Dear readers, thank you for your support. My Stonehenge talk at Forest Arts was a success in October 2019. I had an audience and as all proceeds go to the arts, I spoke for free. It was about how your prehistoric ancestors lived, what they ate, together with some gruesome details about what happened when they died. It also explained why these people were able to create the finest prehistoric stone monument in Europe.

Defeating alzheimers

A talk is far more than a talk for a pensioner like myself. I have to stay upright, ignore my bladder and keep my brain operating. There will be a strategic coffee at some stage to hit the grey matter with a dose of caffeine. Glasses will be essential and a glass of water will keep my mouth moist. If all this works, I will automatically hold off Alzheimer’s. And you thought that it was just a talk! My age, of course, is my value. Having lived around the country and seen life, I offer a perspective not available to the lusty young.

Prehistory boring?

Okay, prehistory sounds dry and dusty but it’s not. I use faction, a series of actual facts stitched together with fiction, with logic. My talks so far have attracted comments indicating that the content is interesting, easy to follow and not over peoples’ heads. It clarifies where these Neolithic people came from and why they were able to succeed in our area. I measure their success through the building of Stonehenge, a wonder of their age as well as ours.

Stonehenge talk at Forest Arts

The talk was based on the research I completed over 4 years. I had to ask why hunter gatherers in Africa struggled to survive whilst ours prospered. Why food surpluses were so rare in the past and yet occurred here. How, in the face of so much ignorance about health and cleanliness, they prospered. I took along a few books to sell, in case you were not aware that I had written a book on the subject.

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