Those Prostate Issues

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The man in the cubicle next to me uttered the immortal words, “how does the doctor know what my prostate is doing by sticking a fingure up my backside?” I laughed to myself even though I was next in the queue. Minutes later I am on the bed, a finger probe, then a camera up into the bladder. However, it’s pretty amazing journeying around your bladder. The urine was streaming around but no bad news, well almost. Some pockets showed that the prostate was pressing from the outside; the prostate is growing larger. Firstly, I will have to watch my PSA tests but it looks benign so far. Secondly, I will have to balance the problem of increasing pee urgency with taking medication to shrink the prostate. It’s all about age and few older men will not experience those prostate issues.

The nether regions

That area down there does cause me problems. The most recent is a microscopic amount of blood in my urine picked up by the surgery. That’s something to worry about and I have. However, I do know stuff. Neither the bladder nor the prostate likes running, especially not in an older man with a larger prostate. Worse, other than cycling, heavy gardening is probably the the most irritating exercise for the little gland. It does not come harder than double digging. That said, kneeling is also proving to be an irritation. Consequently, I have permanently aching nether regions. So, I went for the tests and now I am somewhat wiser and not a little sore. It looks as if I must live with a little blood in the urine.

Those prostate issues

I recall sitting with Ann eating fish and chips outside the chip shop. Two motorcyclists nearby spent the entire time discussing prostate issues and we could listen in. That was brave of them because too few men face up to this. Women, as Ann will tell me, have far more internals and live with them. Men really need to face this issue. At least I now know I have an enlarged prostate. That means I can anticipate a higher PSA reading because the two are related. The aching nether regions are something I can live with. It’s no good good sitting on the bum, we need to keep digging, as it were. The potatoes, beans and all those flowers will be worth the discomfort.

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