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An author called Richard Askwith has written a book called The Race Against Time: Adventures In Late Life Running. He has previously written about fell running but, at the age of 62, has now joined our club, the seemingly knackered. That is the message from his book, how to ignore getting older and staying young at heart. That said, you still need to face the reality of age, but then put it behind you. This topic intrigues me. Why do some people keep running but others, apparently about 80%, pack in by the time they are 65? Clearly, as we age our physical state weakens. However, this is the period when we need to do more exercise and not less. Sitting on the bum is a mistake. Pensioners and running usually correlates with a longer, healthier life.


It appears that injury is an increasing annoyance as we age. I have experienced that even though I have always recovered. Further research suggests that you have to think yourself young. That, of course, is what running is all about. It is play for the seemingly knackered. As Richard notes, the old runners joy from trying and succeeding, is why they keep going. It no longer matters how fast you are and you no longer have to worry that sex the previous night has tired you out. Look at that trainer, put it on and feel empowered. Treat yourself to bright, flashy running tops and feel faster anyway. Put on tracksters and they make your legs look longer and thinner. What’s not to like.

Pensioners and running

It appears that we cannot turn back time and between the ages of 40 and 70, we lose 25% of our muscle and and lung capacity. However, we can slow the decline by working those muscles and breathing heavily no matter what our age. So, in a sense we are ignoring age whilst also meeting it halfway. The reality is that if we feel younger and believe we are younger, we will be younger. Even if we have had the crushing realisation that the best is behind us, we must look forward. There are, out there, 35,000 runners aged 75 or over. We want to join them, admire them, play like they play and enjoy life.

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