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Yes, I was off to hospital on a Sunday morning. Up at 5.50 am, I was away at 8.45 pm for the 20 mile drive to Chesterfield. Quiet roads and an empty car park, it was pure bliss. Even the medical staff, when asked, said that Sunday was a good day to work at the hospital. They also said that after a few Sundays working they had now caught up with waiting lists. I was in so early that the doctor had not arrived. She turned up and I was soon shirtless on the couch. They were to remove a skin lesion on my temple. They also decided to ‘scrape’ one on my left shoulder. Two locals and I was soon under the knife, lots of burning flesh and then stitches, all done in 30 minutes. NHS Sunday Service is the way forward.

The local

We then had ample time to shop at M & S for goodies. There was even a queue outside before 10 am. Then it was on to Lidl for a shopping top-up, and then home. I sat down and soon started to feel less well. That, of course, was the local anaesthetic wearing off. It was then a couple of days feeling pretty unwell. They warned me of the bruising and I soon looked as if I had been beaten up. In bed, had to keep the head up so lots of pillows and uncomfortable nights. After two days, off with the dressings and expose a nasty slash across the forhead. However, how lucky are we to have such services to keep us oldies moving on.

NHS Sunday Service

It is nuts to have all these hospital facilities and yet not use them for two days of the week. For pensioners like me Sunday is a day like all other days. Perhaps the NHS needs to employ far more part-timers, the recently retired, and allow them to work on a day or two each week. Let’s slash the waiting lists and the pensioners!

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