Getting over The Virus

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Well, here we are, recovered from the virus highlighted in my last post. It was, not to overstate the case, the worst virus we ever caught. Paracetamol disappeared down throats at an amazing rate. I emailed the doctor to say that we were both down with it and that I had a negative test for Covid. A nurse rang back basically to say there is nothing they can do. It appears that only if you have trouble breathing will they act. I think that will be an instruction to go to A & E. Walking into the village and going to meetings, it is soon obvious that lots of people have had it. On the television there was even a programme suggesting that viruses have become worse this year. Getting over the virus is clearly a routine for many in our village.

Parallel Immunity

It has been a fascinating medical experiment. Ann was no quicker at recovery than me and, 5 weeks later, we are still coughing in unison. This could suggest that my immune system is no worse than hers. However, I did have two weeks of night sweats and they are still sporadic. We are running again and, though weaker, we don’t feel too bad. It has not helped that a freezing spell has arrived just when we needed to run. Not to be daunted, out we go at minus 5C and return feeling warm and flexed. What is better is our mindset, not so lacking in confidence as previously. I can see that with a virus you can feel slightly depressed.

Getting over the virus

We are taking care and wearing a mask more often. The thought of catching something else too quickly after recovery is pretty worrying. Stay away from people, more especially from children and crowded rooms. At least we have the spring to come even though my poor plants look terrible in this freezing weather. They, and we two, need some sunshine.

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