Dog Bites Jogger Is Not A Running Joke

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I have to admit I include a dog joke in my latest book about prehistory. Zuri, my Neolithic ancestor, aware of all these dogs on our beaches, asks me when they are ready to eat. I have never owned a dog but I enjoy them (not to eat!) For certain, they improve our mental health. The problem, as I see it, is one of responsibility. At Highcliffe a few days ago, a collie dashed at me and bit into my calf. Dog bites jogger is not a joke.

Septic leg

I have lost count of the number of bites I have experienced over 40 years of running but it’s certainly more than ten. Last year I was walking on Highcliffe front when a staffie leaped up and bit me on the chin. Usually, the bites become septic and I need antibiotics. On every occasion the dog owner says that this is the first time it has happened. Many times the owners have become aggressive with me, especially if I suggest that the dog should be on a lead or muzzled. Being bitten and an altercation with a dog owner spoils my day.

Dog bites jogger

This area is by far the worst I have known for unruly, even aggressive, dogs. This is because the area has so many dogs. A week does not pass by without a barking, often growling dog bounding at me. Typically the owner responds with something like, “Its okay, he’s harmless.” The sheer bad manners of all this passes them by. All unpredictable dogs or those not under strict control should be on a lead.

The unmentionable

In addition, it’s all that poo! The undercliff path at Highcliffe is the worst spot. Many of the guilty dogs are unleashed, the owner completely oblivious. Consequently, loose dogs race past, often after rabbits, and the owner is some way off. Oh, for the well behaved dog and even more, the well behaved owner.

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