Covid And Vulnerability

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The text to Ann said, “Sorry but I have just tested positive to Covid”. That was from one of the two people we joined to walk The Great Ridge earlier in the week. There is some irony in this. They, at least she, came to interview me about my introduction of natural burial. So, she gives me a virus that just might kill me. However, my grave is ready at Carlisle Cemetery, and my estate can be taken over with a wave of Ann’s hand. You see, when I was told of my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia over 5 years ago, I prepared to vacate this world. Anyway, this news saw me fall apart. Did I ring my psychotherapist and even burst into tears as dolful Holly told us all about Philip leaving ITV? Like hell I did! Welcome to Covid and vulnerability.

The test

I took a test and it was negative. The following day, a second test. The two red lines popped up rather too readily. I logged on to the NHS and it worked like clockwork; they were ready for me! I reported the positive result, it recognised that I was vulnerable and even gave me the option to order more tests. There was a promise that somebody would ring me within 24 hours. Sure enough, the tests arrived next day, a Sunday, and a nurse called me. She asked me how I felt. I described my headache, my left shoulder was sore, as were my wrists and right knee, and my bladder was delicate. In other words, just a normal day! She explained that the antivirals, probably Paxlovid, would make me worse, causing sickness and diarrhoea. She suggested I should hang in, just taking a double dose of paracetamol each day.

Covid and vulnerability

So, here I am three days after the test. I have stopped taking the paracetamol, have a sore chest and will not be running for a while. Ann is testing negative and has joined me on a walk each day, well away from people. I have gardened each day but didn’t feel like doing much. The fact is that the Covid bogeyman has been put to bed and I no longer have to fear it. Will I now go to the theatre? Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. I am here because the virus has weakened and I have had 6 vaccinations and a booster through the NHS. Sometimes, as a pensioner, I feel that health issues are a strain. However, we still have a working health system and let’s be grateful for that.

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