Covid-19 Is Deadly For Men

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Nobody is demonstrating in the street over this pernicious killer. It hides in the reeled off stats and few stop to consider it. The fact is that Covid-19 is deadly for men. Getting closer to home, older men. If you are white it is bad, if you are not white then it is even worse. Over 60% of deaths are male and in Spain two thirds of all deaths were male. As a vulnerable white male pensioner I decided that it was time I did a risk assessment for myself.

Risk assessment

I don’t smoke so that’s an easy one out of the way. Unlike some (most) men, I do believe that handling my piddler is a reason to wash my hands. Is touching my face a concern? One of my past friends always had a finger up his duke. I don’t pick my nose so I am safe there. I have no Spanish blood but why are their men at such high risk? Is it because they they are constantly pressing against women on the bus or train? Or, is that just Italian men? Perhaps that desire to touch is because Latins have high testosterone levels. This male hormone depletes our immune system. Never has ‘No sex please, were British‘, had such an appealing tone to it. Now, what about any underlying health issues!

Men’s health

I sit in a very strange spot. I have leukaemia but I don’t feel that I have underlying health issues. They would require me to be on medication, which I am not. Oddly, the leukaemia demands that I stay fit in order to hold off treatment for some years. As a consequence, I am shocked at how poor old men’s health often is, something they appear to entirely deny. If most men are not obese then they are fat. Few seem to know their pulse rate, even fewer their blood pressure. For certain, powerful, clear lungs appear to protect against Covid-19. That means aerobic exercise, that the lungs must pant occasionally. This is essential when you have a male physiology, not so for women.

Covid-19 is deadly for men

In the next few months or years, the stats will speak out. I suspect that on longevity men will fall back further from women. The medication men take to reduce blood pressure and heart problems allows them to ignore underlying health issues. This denial means fewer men will wear a mask. Covid-19 is not so easily fooled! It could be that all it needs is weak or congested lungs, some testosterone and unwashed hands. Once in the chest, our sheer maleness nurtures it. As for me, I can do no more to hold off mortality. If you see a thin man panting around Friars Cliff then it might be me clearing the lungs. Neither me nor my leukaemia, my lifelong companion, want to tangle with Covid-19.

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