Covid-19 And Social Responsibility

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As the dreaded virus spreads, statements that we are all in this together can be hard to reconcile. As it is, I find myself on the high risk rating because of my blood cancer. I even have a hotline to the hospital in case I fall ill. Part of managing my condition over some years was to use Sainsbury’s to deliver our weekly shop. In fact, we had offered this facility to two of our elderly neighbours, that if they need anything then we could get it for them. So, we sat back but when we went online we found all the delivery slots taken and nobody answering the phone.


Consequently, we had to unisolate ourselves and head to the local store. Staff assured us that at risk, older, regular customers would be contacted and put back onto a delivery. It appears that Covid-19 and social responsibility are not bedfellows. Over three stores, we managed our usual weekly shop.

Bums and bread

Toilet rolls should not be an issue because most pensioners are constipated! But, no flour for making our own bread was alarming. Nobody appears to cook these days; the flour shelves have always been a quiet zone. Have people suddenly unpacked that bread making machine that they have never used? Or is the bread flour being stocked with the pasta, all of which is going to be dumped unused in the future? Even when we found flour, no dried yeast was available. All the porridge had gone, the dried milk too and the freezers were empty.

Covid-19 and social responsibility

For certain, shopping at Sainsbury’s was illuminating. Most of the customers were on their own and aged. Shopping is clearly an issue for elderly people, many of whom live alone. Even for Ann and I, we have no family to help. Our friends and neighbours are our age. The last thing we would want is for them to expose themselves to Covid-19. If we, and they, need to shop then so be it. Now, back to cutting the Times newspaper into small squares. Ah, that headline about people stocking up, I know just what to do with that.

PS – If you want to make a DIY mask, here is the link

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