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For energy, we don’t really need sun as long as we have good light. Then the solar panels transmit power to our battery. One day last week, the battery reached 90%. That confirms what I was told, that spring and especially late spring is best for the panels. They prefer to be cool, not hot. The conclusion, that cool days with lots of light is ideal for the panels. However, some rain also helps as it flushes dust off the panels. We have plenty of dust from local building works as well as a man cutting stone for a wall he is building in front of a house. My update on solar panels arose because I keep a check on our monthly spend on energy.

Monthly energy costs

As the daylight hours increase, so our smart meter displays a reducing electricity and gas bill each day. In December, average weekly bills were £50.00. In January, this reduced to £45.00 and in February, so far, it is £35.00. The electricity bill within that has been as high as £14.00 per week and now down to under £9.00. This is a large 5 bedroom house so those bills are low. However, we have some way to go to reduce bills to those last October. That was in my earlier post.

Update on solar panels

Our energy bill for 12 months is going to be in the region of £1400. That includes the lower charges brought about by the governments reduction in energy costs. However, it is far less than all those horror reports in the media which frightened so many people. We need to stay confident and take our own actions to remain in control. A couple who live near us, with two children, have kept their house temperature down to 16C. That is brave as we can feel somewhat chilled at 18C. That is after we pile on those jumpers. Roll on the spring and the bright sun!

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