Global Warming And Sport

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Global warming and sport do not appear bedfellows. However, just looking at the recent Euro’s the sheer number of people travelling to watch football is mindnumbing. Yes, I understand the excitement. But, if I look back to my childhood, we only went to an away match if a cheap coach trip was put on, and then rarely. Did it demean our team or otherwise ruin the league? It did not. Deliberately putting on competitions in distant places and transporting huge numbers of supporters is nuts. Worse, if you add football to rugby, cricket and other team sports, then the numbers become vast. Considering how good our media is, we do not need to fly all over the world.

Running and cycling

I noted an interview with Chris Boardman. He understands and wants to reduce all this travel. He reminds us that a small number of cyclists and runners are now refusing to travel vast distances to competitions. Sadly, that decision may well reduce their career opportunities. The administrators don’t like any athlete taking a stand, even on global warming. You are expected to curtsey and accept what they decide. And these administrators have objectives, money, money, money. Massive competitions, sponsorship and marketing are all that matter. I feel sorry for those talented people who often have to sell their souls, or remain unknown. One minute you are a phenomenal sprinter in some remote corner of Devon, the next a flyer all over the world.

Global Warming and Sport

Yes, I do feel guilty. I can sit back in my little bubble, aged, vulnerable and opposed to travel and flying. Meanwhile, youngsters with talent have to make meaningful decisions. Take the money, accept the sponsorship and destroy the world, or make a stance. I travelled in my day so who am I to oppose it now? The answer, of course, is for those at the top to respond and to reduce travel, to try and keep competition local. However, that goes against everything the big companies want, world domination. Sport can save us but travel will destroy the world.

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