Cargo Bikes In Friars Cliff

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Deliveries of food and goods in Friars Cliff was entirely carbon free. They were delivered in relative silence and in clean air. However, that was because the river and sea were the highways and human powered boats were the carriers. Okay, it was in 2200 BC but persisted for millennia. However, we clever humans decided that polluting engines could take the labour out of deliveries and, ultimately, it has become too much. Foul air, asthma, noise, loss of species, these all add to our daily stress and ill health. Yet, to complete the cycle, human ingenuity now comes to the rescue. Cargo bikes in Friars Cliff is a joyous line to compose. It is a line that takes us back to a Neolithic carbon free environment.

The Green Transportation & Logistics Company

This is the big change, a Christchurch company specialising in getting pedal power deliveries under way. John Grantham, whose idea it is, wants to be part of a nationwide neighbourhood of transition hubs. They will deliver locally grown or made products, hopefully sustainably produced. Who knows, it might move on to rickshaws for transporting people around or even bicycle prehistory tours of Christchurch. See John’s site and crowdfunder here.

The foul van

We must reduce the number of van deliveries, all these firms vying with each other. It is a vicious cycle, excuse the pun. They push down costs so have to pay poorly and give their drivers ever more locations to deliver tiny packages. No wonder they race about, spewing out fumes, carrying far less than their maximum load. For certain, it isn’t healthy work for the drivers. Their bodies lounge in the driver seat whilst their minds experience road stress. Perhaps they suffer guilt as they pollute the environment, a further form of stress.

Cargo bikes in Friars Cliff

We pensioners must do what tribes did in the Neolithic. That is to render unto youth what is youth’s; physical work. Young people laboured then and can labour now because technology has given us lighweight, efficient bikes. The Engine Age could turn into the Pedal Age but only if we pensioners support a local, human powered change.

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