Seagulls On The Contraceptive Pill

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Perhaps, like me, you occasionally think you are falling apart. However, then you read a report in the paper and you suddenly realise that you are okay; everybody else is nuts! The report that an MP has called on the government to put seagulls on the contraceptive pill to tackle the ‘menace,’ is an example. The menace, it appears, is airborne attacks on people and pets. Reading this, I immediately fall back into my nerdishness. For instance, they must be called gulls, not seagulls, I shout out. And, hasn’t the MP got better things to do?


The MP is John Woodcock, an independent for Barrow and Furness. That is a severely deprived seaport community in Cumbria. It has a drug problem, poverty and some pretty awful weather. In 2014 it was judged the least happy place in the UK. What is the MP doing about these issues? He is getting heated up about a gull trying to live its life in a challenging environment. The MP calls the gulls ‘fat, aggressive urban sods that dive bomb us, crap on our cars, steal food out of our hands and terrorise our pets’. Is this the sign that an MP has given up on the issues that really trouble his community. Devoid of solutions, he simply seeks a scapegoat in the form of a gull.

Seagulls on the contraceptive pill

For certain, the gulls are not doing well. Consequently, the last thing they need is contraceptive control. The RSPB says that all seven species of gull are subject to conservation concern. This is because there are fewer worms in ploughed soils and fewer fish in the sea. And, there are fewer places to nest untroubled by dogs. In conclusion, is John Woodcock aware that it is human activity causing these issues? The gulls are messed up by us. However, the pressure on wildlife started with Zuri‘s people in 2200 BC and it has not stopped since. Consequently, we exploit and change every environment and the wildlife struggles.

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